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  1. We love Wasatch International Adoptions!!! Everyone there helped us so much with our first adoption! When we were ready to adopt again there was no doubt we wanted to work with Wasatch! Hopefully soon we will be a family of four!

    I highly recommend speaking with their informative staff if you are considering adoption. They are kind, educated, and truly have a love of bringing families together.

    The Gordon Family
    Oceanside, CA

  2. Wasatch is our adoption agency. Everyone is so helpful and pleasant to deal with. Thank you for everything. Mariann, Tom, Henry(China 2009)

  3. My husband and I would really love to thank Wasatch Adoptions for what they have done to help us create our family. We started the adoption process in 2007. About a year ago we switched into the waiting child program and were very excited that Wasatch was willing to work with us to transfer the file of one of the children on their list to our agency so that we may adopt her. We couldn't be more thrilled to be starting our family this year and really thank Wasatch for being willing to help us in a way that many agencies aren't.

    Thank you Wasatch!

    The Oliver-Shevokas Family

  4. Thanks for releasing Morgan's file. Thanks to you we can become her parents and we really found that amazing. Lots of thanks from all of us. We wish all the Dutch agencies were that kind and helpful.

    Marcel and Adelijn Andringa from the Netherlands

  5. How can we thank the special people at Wasatch Adoptions! We have been blessed with the most beautiful daughter we could ever ask for. We were blessed twice, once when we found Wasatch and again when we were able to bring our beautiful daughter home.

    Thanks Again!

    The Rockwell Family
    Syracuse, Utah

  6. We have had an absolutely phenomenal experience with Wasatch through our adoption of Amaris. We started our process with them in June 2011 and brought Amaris home in June 2012.

    I appreciated the manual Wasatch created... it is the best manual I have seen... there is no need to guess what to do or when... it is all there for you.

    I have been incredibly blessed by my on-going friendship with Kathy Junk. I thoroughly enjoy texting, talking on the phone, wmailing, and watching her passionate heart to help bring the children home from China. She is the best!

    EVERY single staff person at Wasatch that I have personally dealt with have never left an email message for Monday AM. I think everyone have them have answered my emails while they were on vacation, including one who was on vacation while out of the country.

    These women work ALL HOURS of the day and night. There is no such thing as a weekend or vacation when it comes to helping families and children find one another.

    I continue to pray for the Wasatch team, their continued faithfulness and dedication to the orphans, their amazing integrity will be seen, and that grace and favor will always be with them.

    Forever blessed!

    Patty Fouts

  7. We didn’t know what to expect at first with the whole process. We had heard horror stories and at first everyone wanted to tell us about years of waiting longer than they had been told.
    After being through the process, we’ve decided those with those horror stories obviously didn’t use Wasatch as their agency. We were given dates on when we should be at certain points in the process, and they were right on, or possibly a little early. We also think a lot of people drag their feet on their paperwork and blame it on someone else.
    Our process was great and if given the opportunity would love to give a reference any time.
    -Walker Family

  8. Jean was fantastic with the travel plans. She is the most efficient person I have ever dealt with. Laurie and the rest of the staff were great. We miss talking to Laurie and the gang. I felt very comfortable and everything went like clockwork. Thank you for a great experience. We will never forget you all.
    -Morey Family

  9. We worked with another agency with our first adoption and it was nightmare! The love, compassion and professionalism working with Wasatch was outstanding! Thank you Wasatch Family! We are greatful for each one of you and your hard work!

  10. we have had an AMAZING adoption journey. We adore our daughter and love all that Wasatch has done for us!!
    -Blau family

  11. We have had the most wonderful experiences with Wasatch. Our most recent adoption has been an amazing experience!! (as well as our prior adoption) We are so thankful to have a trusted agency that truly cares to help us complete our family.
    -Johnson Family

  12. We would love to adopt again in the future. We had such a wonderful experience and couldn’t be happier with our beautiful daughter.

    -Bowen Family

  13. I can NOT say enough wonderful things about Wasatch. They have been amazing throughout the entire process – before, during & after. We used a different agency with our first adoption & Wasatch blew them away in all areas. I can’t thank Wasatch enough for their support & amazing program. God Bless!

    -Gerleman family

  14. The Crockett FamilySeptember 8, 2013 at 9:24 PM

    We just got the news that we will be able to adopt the sweet little girl we have never met, but love already! We had found her on a website advocating some of China's waiting children. After doing some research, we found that she had recently been added to Wasatch. Even though we were already working with another agency, the wonderful people at Wasatch, were willing and ready to release this cutie-pie's file in order to get her matched up with our family. Thank you Wasatch for your beautiful act of kindness, and for keeping the needs of these children as your top priority, and helping to get these little one's home! We are truly thankful!

  15. Adoption is a wonderful blessing and we would do it a hundred times over if we could. Thank you to everyone at Wasatch for helping us bring our precious girl home.
    -Carpenter family

  16. Chareyl has been fantastic….we’d recommend her to anyone! We encourage both parents to visit BEFORE bringing child/children home & RELAX & enjoy the trip.

    -Turner family

  17. Our adopted son is a perfect fit for our family. He is a blessing from God. He has fit into our lives and our home without any trouble. He was meant to be with us! We adopted him when he was 2 ½ years old. He has severe bi-lateral (both ears) hearing loss. Although, we thought he was completely deaf, WE WERE WRONG! He was saying “hi” 2 days after we adopted him. (w/o hearing aids) He’s a SMART BOY! When we got him, he could NOT eat any solid food even though he had a full set of teeth. He did not know how to bend his knee to walk down a small step. However, after being in the USA for just 1 month, he could walk down stairs and eat solid food. He needed exposure! Now he has been home for 1 year. He goes to pre-k and TALKS to other kids! With his hearing aids and some sign language, he has made leaps and bounds. At 3 ½ year old, he can count to 30 in English and ASL, he knows all of his colors, he knows upper AND lower case letters of the entire alphabet, he plays “twinkle twinkle little star” on the piano (after being shown 2x how to do it) he knows his shapes and looks to learn more and more every day. His favorite toys are helicopters, airplanes and anything that moves! We love him and WE ARE lucky to have him in our lives. I hope you will consider adoption too.
    -Doty family

  18. We are very grateful to WASATCH for helping us with the adoption of our beautiful son Dominic. He is such a blessing to our entire family!
    -Shakal family

  19. This was my second adoption. Best thing I ever did!
    -Long family

  20. This agency has been amazing the whole process. I have recommended you many times.
    -Martinell family

  21. Our family is complete but we would highly recommend Wasatch to friends and family that want to adopt.
    -Morey family

  22. Julia & Cyndi are awesome. I don’t think I fully realized this until we traveled. Upon meeting failies of varying agencies and independents and hearing some really scary stories, did I begin to realize how well we had been taken care of. We met many families with very little in country support. Julia was always just a phone call away, day or night. Fils was a wonderful guide. He was professional, reliable and FUN: Thank you Wasatch for everything!
    -Pritchard family

  23. Thank you so much Kathy for always putting the needs of the children first! We appreciate so much that you were willing to transfer a file for us so we could pursue her adoption into our family! As you know, we received PA for her today! You truly are the BEST! Love and blessings, The Dubbs Family

  24. Thank you for everything! Our lives would be empty without our kids in them!
    -Stewart family

  25. Thank you for all your assistance during the adoption process. Both Cyndi & Julia were awesome at answering questions & walking me through things. My family is truly blessed to have our child in our lives! Thank you again!
    -Gwizdala family

  26. We feel Wasatch did a great job with training.
    -Beachum family

  27. My personal experience rating: PERFECT from A to Z
    -Woudhuysen family

  28. Hotel Leon was very nice. Highly recommend. We had a very good experience with Wasatch. Wasatch is head and shoulders better than other agencies in Congo with regard to local relationships and taking care of the children.
    -Sturgeon family

  29. You guys are great! Thanks for working with us and being so on top of things. Best experience possible!
    -Owens family

  30. Working with Wasatch throughout our adoption process was a very good experience. Everything Wasatch was overseeing in the process went smoothly and we feel blessed to have worked with the wonderful folks at Wasatch. Thank You!
    -Miller family

  31. Everyone at Wasatch was a pleasure to work with. Thank You!
    -McIntire family